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“ I wonder then why we don’t understand Beyonce’s homegrown brand of feminism – one that honors female friendships, one that recognizes and calls out sexism and domination in her industry, one that celebrates the power of women. No, it ain’t well-articulated radical social justice feminism, but if you need a Ph.D. to be a feminist, then we’ve got bigger problems, folks. AND I’ll take a feminist that knows how to treat her homegirls before one who can spit the finer points of a bell hooks to me all day erry-day. ”


"5 Reasons I’m Here for Beyoncé the Feminist" (via ethiopienne)

Favorite part of this essay (which is great and should be read in its entirety):

More to the point, sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. If laughing and dancing aint a part of this revolution we’re building, then you can keep it.

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I was never really into Metallica, but for some reason I just can’t get enough of this. I’ve literally watched it at least 10 times today.


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12 pals. 4 pizzas. 2 slices. 11 shots. 9 beers. 15 cocktails. 1 rad ass night at Sizzle Pie.

I’m throwing a pizza party for a bunch of friends in T-minus 54 minutes. This is pretty much the best day of my entire life. 

We definitely have enough books to do this next year. Or tomorrow.

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the three eyed floating cat will tell you all the secrets of the universe


Sup, Dawg?


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GPOY when Chris asks if I wanna get pizza for dinner.

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